DRIVEN’s speed-obsessed style chronicler Fernando Morales of The Gentleman’s Topcoat recently came face-to-face with the latest Danish supermodel, the Zenvo ST1, on the streets of Manhattan.

Here’s his report from the asphalt jungle:

The other day, we met up with Bobby Khan of Emporio Motors for an up close and personal introduction to the Zenvo ST1 before its unveiling to the American market.

We encountered the Zenvo ST1 before its unveiling to the American market

So what is the nature of this beast?

Most things in the world of exotic automobiles begin with a murmur, then some rumors, and subsequently become objects of interest.

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Not so with the Zenvo; the ST1 broke onto the supercar scene like a raging bull at the gates.

And how could it not with a cool 1,104 hp, drop-dead Danish design and a price tag that makes most millionaires start counting their pennies.

Khan, the sole US distributor of this rarity, explains that performance and engineering aren’t the only things that make ST1 desirable; its scarcity comes into play as well.

A cool 1,104 hp, drop-dead Danish design and a $1.8 million price tag

Limited to a production run of only 15 examples, the car carries an even heftier sticker than the Bugatti Veyron.

We are talking an even $1.8 million. For starters.

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Paddle shifters, carbon fiber wheels and custom interiors will cost you extra—and who doesn’t want those?

We imagine the clientele is made up mainly of celebrities and sports stars, but Bobby explained that most of them aren’t “liquid” enough to own a vehicle with such steep demands.

Most celebrities aren’t “liquid” enough to own this vehicle

A simple tire replacement costs $5,000.

We therefore suspended our disbelief, and inspected it as we would any other precious machine.

At first glance, we appreciated how the interior was pure driving machine.

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Straightforward instrumentation and minimalistic ornamentation is well in keeping with a car that boasts a top speed of 233 mph.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the ST1, however, is the presence of both turbochargers and superchargers to offer multiple helpings of aspiration for the hungry V8.

Although its aggressive lines were all but lost with the city’s overcast skies when we first met it curbside, we had a second opportunity to appreciate the ST1’s curves.

The design for the vehicle was an epic effort that began from scratch

At its unveiling, the marvelous monster sat under an illuminated night sky that poured shadows and light into the rising and falling contours of its chassis.

Khan revealed that the design for the vehicle was an epic effort that began from scratch, with completely original drafting.

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He admits though that there are sweet notes of the Lamborghini Murcielago at first glance.

Make that five Murcielagos if you consider the price.

Which you don’t. This is firmly in “if you have to ask” territory.

This is firmly in “if you have to ask” territory—and you don’t

With an odd-shaped trunk requiring customized luggage priced at $30,000, in the ST1 you travel right or you travel light.

A casual accessory to your status in the Zenvo owner’s club comes in the form of a complimentary wristwatch, the only thing you won’t be paying through the rhinoplasty for.

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Such considerations fall quickly by the roadside once you activate the ignition.

Erupting the car into life, you feel its idling presence deep in the heart of your solar plexus—and your soul, if you’ve ever dreamed about driving a spaceship.

Actually, having your feet in the stirrups of this beast would be an unfathomably different feeling.

Such considerations fall quickly by the roadside once you activate the ignition

So would being a multimillionaire with an ST1-approved wallet in the first place, we imagine.

With any luck, that might prove to be an adventure for another day.

In the meantime, we can only hope to become a member of the .00001 percent, gazing at it with lust while making stupid vrooming sounds with our mouth…