This month, dashing 34-year-old Fiat heir Lapo Elkann has plans to help Ferrari edge out the ever-increasing competition by imbuing the brand with a dose of his signature sprezzatura.

Lapo will join Ferrari president Luca Cordero di Montezemolo in inaugurating the Ferrari Tailor Made project, which will allow owners to customize their rides as Elkann did with his own denim-upholstered Ferrari California.

Lapo gives his views on status, luxury and custom Ferraris

We’ll be bringing you some of his insights, as well as a set of brilliant pix of Lapo in his red Rubinacci taken by Fabio Massimo Aceto for the Financial Times magazine.

“Status is boring,” Lapo tells The Daily Beast for our first installment. “We want to sell uniqueness. We want to allow our customer to build the product with us. Real luxury is customization.”

Meanwhile Lapo, founder of Italia Independent, recently launched I Spirit, “the first original Italian vodka.”

That’s our boy—always dancing to his own tune…