With the weather threatening to take a nasty turn, we are once again on the lookout for natty ways to keep the elements at bay.

Our current object of desire: the Vasto Wing Tip boots by Danish brand ECCO, in vintage leather and oiled suede with artful brogueing and a rubber tread sole.

The Copenhagen-based company’s Scandinavian design ethos is focused on respecting the environment, both in terms of manufacturing and what it can hit you with come winter.

Danish brand ECCO’s Vasto Wing Tip boots in leather and oiled suede

The family-owned firm runs its own tanneries and seeks out the finest hides from around the globe.

As with their other designs, the Vasto includes a leather-covered inlay sole with ECCO’s signature Comfort Fibre System.

Their tagline for the “Nordic Cowboy” collection the boots come from is, “We will make friends with the winter.”

To which we’d add, “And then kick its ass in style…”

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