Back in September, we told you about Land Rover’s new DC100 concept, a modern interpretation of the iconic Defender.

Now, Ray Hyland at Expedition Portal has actually driven one.

It’s actually a full-scale, drivable mock-up, which the British firm brought to the LA Auto Show and let a few lucky types take for a spin on the beach.

Hyland, who has driven Defenders on multiple continents and even built one to complete the Malaysian Rainforest Challenge, was among their number.

Testing out the next gen Land Rover on the beach in LA

“Having completed a 6,000-mile trip in my 200tdi Defender this summer with my ears ringing each evening when I arrived at the campsite, I for one welcome the idea of a [new version] that is capable of hauling a large load, going down the most technical tracks, isn’t going to stop working when subjected to endless corrugations and deep water crossings, and yet still allows me to carry on a conversation in comfort at highway speeds.”

“An impossible combination?” he asks.

“Maybe, but the guys I met [from Land Rover] today are definitely up for the challenge.”

Check out his full report here.

Images courtesy Ray Hyland / Expedition Portal; click to enlarge: