Time for our second installment on Paul Hendrickson’s new book Hemingway’s Boat, focusing on Papa’s beloved fishing cruiser, the Pilar.

Hendrickson calls it the one constant in the author’s life, from his pinnacle as the reigning monarch of American letters until his suicide in 1961.

From a new book focusing on Papa’s beloved fishing cruiser, the Pilar

Drawing on previously unpublished material, including interviews with Hemingway’s sons, Hendrickson makes a convincing and entertaining case that the boat was Papa’s one true love.

Click to enlarge; a 420-pound blue marlin, Havana, August, 1934; courtesy Ernest Hemingway Collection/John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston

Of course he landed several big ones, including the specimen at top from Bimini in 1935.

‘To fish, drink, to entertain celebrities and friends and seduce women’

In the Pilar, Hendrickson writes, from Key West to Paris, to New York, Africa, Cuba, and finally Idaho, the author returned to the cherished craft “to exult in the sea, to fight the biggest fish he could find, to drink, to entertain celebrities and friends and seduce women”.

In other words: your weekend agenda….