The Chap, Britain’s satirical sartorial periodical, pines for a more refined age, when gentlemen were impeccably turned out, were always courteous to ladies, and were never, ever Germans.

Thanks to the “unspeakable vulgarity” of the twenty-first century, such occurrences are nowadays rare, but The Chap‘s resolute editor Gustav Temple does what he can to stem the tide.

Aside from the magazine he hosts the Chap Olympics, an annual Anarcho-Dandyist Ball, and he’s also just come out with a natty new book entitled Am I a Chap?

Gustav Temple, editor of The Chap magazine, holds forth on sartorial mores

The title refers to a long-running feature in the magazine wherein aspiring dandies submit photos of themselves for Temple’s inspection.

More often than not they end up sliced by the edge of his saber-like sarcasm, but, one hopes, better men for it.

Interspersed with the would-be paragons are chapters on the various species of Chap, including the Libertine, Cad and Colonial Chap; excerpts about famous chaps alive and dead, from Cary Grant and Fred Astaire to David Niven; and lessons in the sartorial history of spats and other sadly outmoded items.

So polish your brogues, pick up a copy and see if you pass muster.

You probably don’t, but take Temple’s expert advice to heed and there’s hope for you yet….