Swedish ski superstar Jon Olsson is known for driving around in a custom Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SuperVeloce complete with ski rack.

He recently traded it in for a new Aventador, and needed some stylish wheels while waiting for the new supercar to arrive.

The answer? Another Lambo, of course.

Swedish ski superstar Jon Olsson‘s custom Lamborghini

Enter German luxury tuner DMC, which made over a Gallarado into a “Ski Transporter” from the double flip fanatic.

Starting off with a basic Gallardo, DMC brought in their signature GT3 front to give it a more aggressive look.

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The front diffuser also helps by adding downforce to the front-axle. Of course the components are made of carbon fiber, DMC’s favorite material.

Then they built on a brand new rear-deck lid, new lights with LED elements and a new bumper along with the brand new rear diffuser.

The finishing touch: a camo wrap job from Autostripe.

And a high speed-approved ski rack, of course….

[via JamesList]