DRIVEN devotees are familiar with photographer Nino Batista‘s brilliant Modern Pinups series.

Much of the time the leggy lovelies he lenses are (albeit scantily) clad in the designs of Jeff Taplin, designer of the immodestly-monikered Sophisticated Bitch and King Dick clothing lines.

Here Nino gives us an eyeful of Taplin’s ”rocker monokinis”.

The Houston-based designer doesn’t bother with boring things like e-commerce, Nino tells us, “He just careens around the city in his roadster, content in having his clothing (and himself) lusted after from every direction by beautiful girls all over town.”

Nino Batista shoots Houston designer Jeff Taplin’s rock and roll clothing

The monokinis in particular are “hugely popular with the more interesting ladies,” Nino says. “He keeps a cohesive theme, but each outfit he makes is essentially a one-off –and priced accordingly, I might add.”

Taplin’s Houston fashion shows are also “the stuff of legend,” Nino says, “always at the swankiest party spots in town, and always off the hook.”

His photo shoots almost always involve debauchery on an epic scale; for this one Nino and crew took over a beach house east of Galveston for an all-night revel that required little in the way of play-acting.

That’s our man….

Photos © Nino Batista; click to enlarge: