The new Ray Ban RB 3460 Aviator Flip Out and Ray Ban RB 3461 Caravan Flip Out sunglasses, from their tech division, innovates on two of the famed brand’s most classic styles.

Adding to the legendary Caravan and Aviator shapes, the Flip Out series comes complete with a kit of three sets of easily interchangeable lenses: a rich primary color lens, a stylish gradient color lens, and a polarized lens for extra glare protection.

A new take on Ray-Ban’s classic Caravans and Aviators

Also included is a lens carrying case so you can store an extra pair of lenses on the go.

Made of a patented memory metal, each frame is entirely nickel-free, resistant to corrosion, and hypoallergenic.

Available at our favorite online eyewear mecca Eyegoodies, of course.

Time to flip out….