A while back we noted that Jeep is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year; here’s another look at the classic off-roader, courtesy of a new book on Ralph Lauren.

Before he amassed quite such an incredible collection of Ferraris, it seems the designer had somewhat simpler automotive tastes.

A new edition of the massive Ralph Lauren monograph

Ralph Lauren is a new, updated and more portable edition of a massive monograph on Lauren, containing some 900 images.

As today’s his birthday, we’d thought we’d share a few.

The book is divided into four sections: Living, Movies, Heroines and History; the photo above is from the first section, and some of his other cars are included in the pages as well.

“When I work on a collection I feel like I’m making a movie,” the designer notes. “I want to tell a story, so I guess you could say I write through my clothes.”

Like the clothes, the book is well worth reading….

Images courtesy Ralph Lauren / Rizzoli; click to enlarge: