The other day we mentioned the stunning collection of vintage motorcycles at RM Auctions‘ Battersea Evolution sale in London on October 26.

Covering a wide variety of marques and eras, from the early days of motorcycling through to modern-era, high-performance machines, the bikes are a fitting complement to the rare Ferraris and other thoroughbreds on offer.

One such two-wheeled wonder is a 1953 Maserati 125 motorbike, an unusual offering from the famed Italian marque.

One of the earliest motorcycles to bear the Maserati name offered at RM Auctions Battersea sale

One of the earliest motorcycles to bear the Maserati name, the 125 was born of Maserati’s acquisition of Bologna-based motorcycle manufacturer Italmoto, shifting production to Modena.

Maserati only made motorbikes for seven short years, discontinuing them in 1960 due to stiff competition from more focused Italian makes.

Offered without reserve, this is a must for any Maserati or classic Italian moto enthusiast – or in our case, both….

Images courtesy RM Auctions, click to enlarge: