Continuing our coverage of the brilliant new book the book “the all-time American preppy novel” as the authors note, the author himself was a natty wearer of button-down oxford shirts – before going of off on that whole recluse kick.

Preppy: Cultivating Ivy Style by designer Jeffrey Banks and journalist Doria de La Chapelle

Here he’s pictured at a reading of Catcher in Brooklyn in 1952.

Due out from Rizzoli this week, the coffee table tome will delight many a style buff for its brilliant assemblage of images.

Another pop culture figure known for sporting Oxfords – he bought his at Brooks Brothers and no doubt Salinger did as well– is Andy Warhol, who also makes an appearance in the book (bottom).

And of course there are many college types who also swore by their Brooks Bros. b-d’s peppered throughout the book’s pages; below is the Deerfield Academy graduating class of 1961 resplendent in madras finery.

Guaranteed to bleed of course….

Click to enlarge; private collection, courtesy Rizzoli

Click to enlarge; Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, courtesy of Rizzoli