Sometimes the best photo shoots are the ones you don’t plan.

UK-based lensman George Williams of GFWilliams Photography set out to take some pictures of a wicked orange Porsche GT3 RS at an airstrip when some unexpected extras turned up:

UK-based lensman George Williams shot the Porsche GT3 RS


Very large airplanes.

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OK, so perhaps not wholly unexpected, but the meeting of the two machines was pure magic.

The meeting of the two high-powered machines was pure magic

“This shoot was a private commission for the owner of the Porsche,” Williams tells us.

“The original plan was to just take photos of the car on the runway, but when I saw the planes I had to include them.”

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Williams shoots to-die-for exotics as a matter of course, but this session turned out to be more stimulating than most.

Some careful post-production gave the snaps even more of a surreal edge.

You can check out some more shots from the series along with some of Williams’ other work on Facebook here:

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For now, one last shot of the Porsche and the plane.

If you want to know which one was faster you’ll have to ask him….