A recently-uncovered 1960s Rolex Submariner owned by the King of Cool is being offered for sale by California watch collectors’ mecca Fourtané.

The watch, ref. #5113, is one of two nearly identical Submariners owned by McQueen.

The other one, ref. #5512, sold at Antiquorum in 2009 for $234,000.

Offered for sale by California watch collectors’ mecca Fourtané

Fourtané has not released the price of this one but the Antiquorum result is a good guideline.

McQueen gave the Sub on offer to his good friend, motorcycle stuntman Bud Ekins, for his help coaching the actor on motorcycle racing and acquisitions.

Ekins, a celebrity in his own right, wore the Rolex every day for 22 years side by side with McQueen.

A cool watch in it’s own right made exponentially cooler by a brush with the King….