Wrapping up our coverage of the brilliant new Porsche: A History of Excellence from Motorbooks by author, renowned Porsche expert and photographer Randy Leffingwell, we bring you:

The 1967 911S Targa owned by Porsche’s renowned race car driver Herbert Linge, one of the first 911 Targas ever built.

The Targa was Porsche’s answer to balancing the integrity of the amazing 911 with the freedom of an open car.

Owned by Porsche’s renowned race car driver Herbert Linge, one of the first 911 Targas ever built

Very few were built at first, and as we noted earlier some still hankered after a truly topless version.

The Targa proved to be an icon in the making however, and still has a proud place in the Porsche lineup as Targa 4 and 4S models.

Look closely at the pic above and you’ll see an awesome Carrera 6 lurking in the background as well.

Check out a few more highlights from the book below, and be sure to buy a copy for the full treatment.

All images courtesy Motorbooks; click to enlarge:

The 1973 911 Carrera RSR 2.8 that competed at Le Mans

1994 993 Supercup lineup