Continuing our coverage of Assouline’s amazing new book The Impossible Collection of Cars, we bring you one of the unique Bentleys featured in its pages.

This 1958 Bentley S1 with the psychedelic paintjob belonged to none other than John Lennon.

He acquired in in the Swinging Sixties and ordered up the custom coloring, and it was often seen parked in front of the Beatles’ Apple Tailoring boutique on Kings Road in London.

The Beatle gave the Bentley a psychedelic paintjob in the Swinging Sixties

The Bentley was also to be found ferrying Lennon and pals like Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones around to various nightclubs.

Due out next month, the book imagines the world’s ultimate assemblage of automobiles.

Below is another gorgeous creature of the Fifties, a 1954 Maserati A6G CS Berlinetta with coachwork by Pininfarina.

The limited edition volume which sells for $650 is printed on cotton paper and comes in a black rubber presentation box with a cutout metal plate in a custom tote bag.

Author Dan Neil notes the vehicles chosen embody a will to “explore the limits of what is possible in speed, luxury and decadence.”

That is, of course, our mission in life….

Photo by Michel Zumbrunn, courtesy of Assouline; click to enlarge