For fall and holiday fetes this season famed London gent’s outfitters Dunhill have brought back the midnight blue dinner jacket.

As the great Alan Flusser instructs us, midnight blue began to replace black for formal wear in the insanely dapper 1930s.

Under electric light “dark blue retains its richness while black sometimes gives off a rust or artificial cast,” he notes in Dressing the Man.

Dunhill brings back the natty midnight blue dinner jacket for fall

The term midnight blue was actually invented for the natty new garments, he notes, “conjuring up images if the shank of the evening, when romance and rambunctiousness were in full swing.”

Dunhill has updated the look with trim silhouettes, luxurious cashmere and accessories with Art Deco embroidery.

The net effect: eveningwear that makes you look as if you’ve just alighted from a vintage Aston Martin.

Which is pretty much how we always want to look….