Austin, Texas is one of the coolest cities on the planet, so it should come as no surprise that it’s home to one of the world’s coolest men’s stores as well.

STAG is equal parts clothing boutique, antique shop, accessory bin and apothecary –  a “modern day general store” for every man of style.

Looking for vintage Bond books, tortoiseshell shades, a python skin and a classic Bowie LP?

Austin, Texas’ STAG, a modern day general store for every man of style

You get the picture.

Any armful of goods off one of their weathered wooden tables is a fair representation of things to carry in the cargo hatch of your vintage Porsche.

Designed to be an emporium of essentials for leading the life of a modern gentleman, we’d say STAG nails it, down to their spot-on blog.

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Their definition of gentleman includes not just Cary Grant but the likes of  Steve McQueen, James Dean, Keith Richards, and, this being Texas, Willie Nelson to boot.

You can shop online, and if you’re there in person even grab a beer while you peruse the wares.

If you need us we’ll be barreling down 35 South en route to stock up….

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