In the summer of 1959, Sir Winston Churchill embarked on a Mediterranean cruise aboard Aristotle Onassis’s yacht, the Christina O.

Sir Winston was apparently not best pleased with the somewhat tense atmosphere on board, thanks to the fact that the Greek shipping mogul brought along both his wife and his mistress, the famed Maria Callas.

However there was plenty of room to maneuver aboard the 325-ft. Christina O, at the time the world’s most luxurious yacht – albeit with some rather vulgar touches like bar stools upholstered in whale penis leather.

Sir Winston Churchill and Aristotle Onassis in his beach car in 1959

It also had a swimming pool that doubled as a dance floor – Onassis’ party trick was to flood it while people were still doing foxtrot.

Among the amenities on the vessel was Onassis’ bespoke beach car complete with wicker seats, which would be winched down to the dock wherever the yacht put in so he’d be assured of stylish transport.

Here Onassis drives Churchill and companions in it to see the famous Temple of Apollo at Delphi.

Churchill is appropriately Panama-hatted while Onassis sports his trademark wraparound shades.

We can only imagined that when they returned to the yacht later for refreshments Sir Winston preferred to sit on a chair….

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