35 years ago this summer, a few likely lads in an insalubrious part of London joined together to form a band called The Clash.

On an auspicious night in August in 1976, the new band and Manchester’s Buzzcocks opened for the Sex Pistols at London’s Screen on the Green, and all of a sudden Punk Rock evolved from a sideshow to a movement.

Cut to 1983, a few months after the release of Combat Rock and a tumultuous time for The Clash as they arrived in New York to co-headline California’s US Festival with David Bowie and Van Halen.

The Clash arrive in New York in 1983 to headline the US Festival with David Bowie and Van Halen

Here Paul Simonon, Pete Howard, Joe Strummer and Mick Jones avail themselves of a classic NYC Checker cab for a night on the town.

The festival proved to be Jones’ last appearance with the group, marking the beginning of the end for The Clash.

On their 35th anniversary though, let’s pause to remember the world’s coolest rock band in all their rebellious glory.

As the recent spate of riots in London proves, that same British rebel spirit is alive and well.

And though many may copy The Clash’s style, none will ever be their equal….

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