Dashing designer Duncan Quinn – aka DRIVEN’s own 007 – recently had the chance to try out the new Ducati Diavel Carbon with its wicked 162 hp, 1198 cc Testastretta L-Twin engine.

The Ducati Diavel Carbon’s wicked 162 hp, 1198 cc Testastretta L-Twin engine

Here’s his report from the road:

It may have the heart of a Ducati, but it has the looks of a Batbike.

Which makes it perfect transport for Gotham City – even if I don’t have a swish cave complete with bat-armour and a fancy bat-phone (honest).

Click to enlarge; photo courtesy Nicolas Ramirez, Level Magazine, Miami

The Diavel is beauty and the beast rolled into one:

The aggression and power of a heavyweight UFC fighter on too much Tribulus, coupled with the poise and nimbleness of a ballet dancer.

I suspect someone spent an awfully long time figuring out the geometry and how to spank a 240 tire on the back and yet make this thing ride like a huge space hopper.

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It’s simply awe-inspiring how fast you can change direction to cut through traffic like a hot knife through butter – simultaneously leaving New York taxi nutters goggle-eyed in your backwash, choking on your fumes.

Leaving New York taxi nutters goggle-eyed in your backwash, choking on your fumes

Of course, I’ve always been partial to crotch rockets.

I grew up learning how to ride bikes in the wake of the guy who pretty much singlehandedly put Ducati back on the map in the UK in the 1990s.

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Blasting up, down and around the twisties of the south of France and Italy with reckless abandon and a joker-like grin on my face, I tried in vain to reel in a guy 15 years older than me who rode like a devil, breathed rosé and ran like Forrest Gump.

Only a true speed freak could find something calming and relaxing in seeing the needle on a bike go past 170 mph on the street.

Which gave me reason to pause with the Diavel.

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It’s not a crotch rocket.  It’s not a cruiser.  It’s not a café racer.

It’s a nimble beast that will get you from A to B fast

And its certainly not a Hypermotard, but if anything that’s what it is closest to for me in terms of mindset.

It’s a nimble beast that will get you from A to B fast – way before the bloke next to you with the shiny Harley has even managed to put the bowl that passes for a crash helmet onto his bearded, tattoo’d swede.

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It’s Batman to the GT 1000‘s Bruce Wayne.

Mild mannered, but with bulging eyes and veins and just about ready to rumble with anyone in its path.

Let’s rumble….