Next in our series on that essential item of driving style, the leather jacket, we offer a look at one of the all time greats – Errol Flynn.

The dashing Flynn, who would have celebrated his 102nd birthday this week, has been eclipsed by other cinematic legends like Cary Grant; but he had a plethora of panache to rival anyone.

In roles from Robin Hood to Don Juan, no one was ever better qualified for the honorific “swashbuckling”.

The swashbuckling Errol Flynn sports a leather jacket in 1940 aboard his yacht Sirocco

And unlike some, Flynn did not cease to buckle swashes off screen, even when it got him into boiling water.

Here he is pictured in 1940 aboard his yacht Sirocco, adding a bit of military flair to a nautical expedition.

Twenty years later JFK would sport the same look, donning a leather bomber jacket for sailing expeditions off Hyannis Port –incidentally reminding everyone of his wartime heroics.

But not to worry, even if you’ve never won any medals, you can take a page from their book – all you’ve got to do is look good.

We’re assuming you can handle that one….