Last week Porsche invited a select few to test drive their latest lust-worthy models at the Monticello Motor Club in upstate New York.

DRIVEN sent style chronicler Fernando Morales of  The Gentleman’s Topcoat to put the new ponies through their paces. Here’s his report from the field:

When you’re heading off to a private racetrack to drive the latest lineup of Porsche supercars, it’s a bit of a buzzkill to just show up in a shuttle bus.

Fernando Morales of  The Gentleman’s Topcoat test drove the latest Porsches in Monticello for DRIVEN

The famed German marque understands this perfectly, of course.

We were transported to Monticello in style via a Bell JetRanger traveling at 130 knots out of the 34th street heliport, leaving all the poor saps on the West Side Highway far behind.

We came well prepared, armed with a Canon 5D Mark II to record the occasion sheathed in a Filson canvas Field Bag, slung over the shoulder of a rugged Belstaff leather Blouson.

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A pair of classic Persol 649s and ever-present Rolex Submariner rounded off the essential kit for a date with some attitude-laden starlets from Stuttgart.

40 minutes later we soaking in the scenery upstate, though it was but a brief distraction from the armada of invigorating vehicles like the Turbo S (below) Porsche had sitting on the tarmac in ironic immobility.

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First up was the latest iteration of Porsche’s iconic 911 – the 408 hp Carrera GTS, capable of 0–60 mph in just 4.4 seconds.

Several twists and turns and 135 mph later, it was time for us to bid the super-stylish machine au revoir.

The German goddess awaited greater destinations, at least in our adrenaline and fuel–powered hearts, while many more Porsches awaited our introduction.

Our next encounter was perhaps our favorite – the all-wheel-drive Carrera 4S.

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Maybe it was the need for greater exertion in comparison to the GTS, but we were really digging the engine’s grunt and balance of performance.

It drowned out all human thought as we devoured the horizon; it’s a distinct possibility they had to pry our hands from the wheel.

Exhilaration eclipsing exhaustion, we then made our way over to the autocross to experience Porsche’s newest incarnation inspired by the iconic 550 – the Boxster Spyder.

With a lightened frame, lowered chassis, and extra poundage shed like a featherweight boxer before his title fight, the Boxster Spyder is light on its feet and nerve-rackingly nimble.

Call it “the little engine that could” – kick some serious behind where it counts most.

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Glinting in the sunlight alongside the steering wheel throughout all was our black Submariner ticking away at the seconds, as the machines worked effortlessly to shave those seconds off.

They passed far too rapidly of course, as does any time spent behind the wheel of a Porsche.

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A helicopter ride back to town proved the perfect distraction from thoughts of longing that set in almost immediately.

Followed closely by devious plans for getting behind the wheel of a serious machine once more….

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All images by Fernando Morales for DRIVEN