Deer Tick, the country-punk-blues-folk-garage rock band from Rhode Island, has been on heavy rotation during our road trips lately.

And we do mean heavy. It’s gotten to the point where our traveling companions have started to complain.

They’re always welcome to get out and walk.

Happy birthday to Deer Tick frontman John J. McCauley III, a bred-in-the-bone rock star

In any case, today happens not only to be Flag Day but the birthday of hard-drinking Deer Tick frontman John J. McCauley III (above), who takes the business of being a rock star pretty seriously.

Which is to say, not seriously at all – in his own way he pulls it off with the sort of effortless style Cary Grant brought to being a movie star.

John – this may well be the only time you’re ever compared to Cary Grant, but hell, it’s your birthday.

Now if you could quit screwing around just long enough to cut a new record, we’d sincerely appreciate it.

Yours etc.,


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