Not all rare Rolex “Paul Newman” Daytonas are created equal; even with such a desirable model – made for race car drivers and named for the famous actor, natch – there are more exclusive variants that can send prices skyrocketing.

Case in point: this example, made in 1971, an ultra-rare Ref. 6263 known to collectors as the “Black Oyster Mark II Dial”.

Expected to fetch up to $290,000 at Antiquorum’s May 15 auction in Geneva

It’s expected to fetch up to $290,000 at Antiquorum’s Rolex-stuffed Important Modern and Vintage Timepieces sale at Geneva’s Mandarin Oriental hotel on May 15.

That’s considerably more than a new Ferrari 458 Italia – but if you’ve already got one of those than this is no doubt the watch to wear with it.

[via JamesList]