While in town for the Mille Miglia, dashing designer Duncan Quinn – aka DRIVEN’s own 007 – scored an all-access pass to the new Ferrari factory and museum in Maranello. Here’s his report from the field:

They say immortality is hard to attain, and no doubt they’re right; but Enzo Ferrari is probably good for now.

The fantastic Ferrari Museum in Maranello is as much a shrine to the flair and genius of the man as it is to the marque itself.

And though Ferrari has had a far from easy road over the years an amazing new factory has been built as well, complete with roof gardens, its own restaurant and Ferrari cycles to get around on.

The Ferrari Museum in Maranello is as much a shrine to the flair and genius of Enzo Ferrari as it is to the marque itself

New models abound (the 458, FF and Aperta among others) and they’re churning out 30 engines a day from the engine department – each V12 assembled by just one guy, and each V8 by a team of three.

I’m not sure what they thought of my own-make Sex Pistols tartan jacket, popped polo and jeans, but I certainly felt it was appropriate attire for a visit to the hallowed grounds of the engine plant, V12 production line and Ferrari Classic center, where they’ll rebuild your wrecked 275 as good as new.

Also on hand: a fleet of track-only FXXs, the ultimate in exclusivity, which were fly-splattered and used. Somebody at least is having a lot of fun.

Would Batman feel jealous if he knew there was a whole warehouse full of Batmobiles? Or if he learned that the dealer had stiffed him and there were color options other than black?

– DQ

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All photos by Duncan Quinn for DRIVEN; click to enlarge

A classic 275 GTB

Le Mans racer