9:31 A.M. EST – Over the past few weeks we’ve been writing about some of the celebrations taking place for the 50th anniversary of Jaguar’s E-Type.

Now a classic Jaguar specialist in the UK has just unveiled a painstaking restoration of the world’s most valuable example of the iconic car, a rare racer that was wrecked in France back in 1964.

Dubbed the Lindner  Nocker Low Drag lightweight E-type, the completely reconstructed one-off vehicle is now the world’s most expensive Jaguar, worth an estimated $8 million.

The totally restored Low Drag lightweight E-type is now the world’s most expensive Jaguar

One of only 12 lightweight E-Types built by Jaguar in 1963, the example in question featured custom bodywork and engine upgrades making it the most powerful car the marque’s competition department had ever produced.

It took 7,000 hours over four years for Peter Neumark of Classic Motor Cars (CMC) in Shropshire, UK to bring the Lindner Nocker Low Drag E-Type back to life (below) after 47 years using more than 90% of the original parts.

“Many said that it could not be done but we have proved them wrong,” Neumark notes. No doubt the historic occasion helped make the effort worthwhile.

Happy 50th anniversary, you sexy beast.

All images courtesy CMC for DRIVEN; click to enlarge