11:12 AM EST – Two time Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner of Hurt Locker fame has just been tapped to play the lead role in an upcoming biopic of Steve McQueen. The movie will be based on two classic books about the King of Cool by Marshall Terrill: Portrait of an American Rebel and The Life and Legend of a Hollywood Icon (below). Video director Ivan Zacharias is attached to make his big screen directorial debut on the project, with the screenplay coming from James Gray (who wrote and directed We Own the Night) under the aegis of Renner’s own production company.

The movie, starring Hurt Locker‘s Jeremy Renner, will be based on two classic books about the King of Cool

Renner (below) has acting chops and a certain rugged charm to be sure, but we’re not entirely sure how we feel about the news. Hopefully some cool cars will be involved in any case. Pictured above is a classic image of the actor in 1959 while racing his Porsche Speedster from the new edition of McQueen’s Machines: The Cars and Bikes of A Hollywood Icon. Brad Pitt has of course always wanted to play McQueen, and has long been said to have a similar project in the works. The King of Cool definitely deserves better than the Queen of Jolie. Check out all of our Steve McQueen coverage here.