The other day we cruised to Portland, Maine’s Rogues Gallery in the Mercedes-Benz G550 – the G-Wagen or “Big G” as we like to call it. Down a cobbled byway – Wharf Street – the shop sits tucked away, a shaft of sunlight warming the mellow brick come afternoon.

Inside it’s stocked to the rafters with Alex Carleton‘s appealing apparel and accoutrements, the net effect best described as “hipster sea dog.” The stylishly rugged togs suited the G-Wagen to a ‘T’; we thought they were going to ask us to park out front all day.

“Alex Carleton’s appealing apparel, best described as ‘hipster sea dog’”

On the way home the weather turned nasty but the beautiful beast didn’t skip a beat, the purr of the V8 a reassuring background to our road tunes as the tall pines passed by in a blur….